Edge protectors and sealing sections

Edge protectors are used wherever metal edges must be blunted or covered. Additional machining is not required. The edge guards also have a decorative effect and are flexible.The U-shaped metal- or POM-clamps embedded in PVC ensure that the edge guards fit securely,even when the metal edge to be covered is curved inward or outward.

The guard is simply pressed into position by hand. Tools, adhesives or other connectionsare not required. Edge guards are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes,depending on the intended use.

Combination sealing sections are PVC edge guards with bonded-on microcellular rubber sections and embedded metal- or POM-clamping strips. These sections are made of microcellular rubber in the sealing area (EPDM quality) and of PVC in the clamping area. EPDM qualities are high-quality synthetic rubbers and are characterised by high resistance to ageing and good elasticity.

Rubber combination sealing sections are flexible edge guards made of soft rubber with embedded metal clamping strips. These sections are made of microcellular rubber in the sealing area (EPDM quality) and of soft rubber (EPDM quality) in the clamping area. The two materials are extrusion-vulcanised and bonded. Oil-resistant are available on request.

Microcellular rubber sections DIN 7715 E3

Soft rubber sections DIN 7715 E2
PVC sections DIN 16941
Tolerances for cut lengths as agreed


Cut lengths, enclosed frames (corner-vulcanised) and rings.
The flange can be filled with plastic sealants (on request). Ask for our quotation.

Custom designs

If the cross-sections illustrated here do not suit your requirements, the appropriate sectioncan be custom-designed for you.We would be happy to advise you and draw up a suitable design for your needs.

On request we can add flocking to rubber sections.