Cellular rubber sections

Microcellular rubber sections

Round, rectangular and semicircular sections                                                All microcellular rubber sections are supplied with a normal, unbroken skin.

For adherence to precise length measurements, the microcellular sections are also available with cord inlay. Here too, production capabilities are determined by the required cross-section. If required we can also supply them in cut lengths and as complete rings. A large number of special selections are available. Please consult the illustrations.                                                                                    Minimum order quantities available on request. 

Qualities:                                                                                                              a) We normally supply EPDM grades.
    EPDM is an elastomer characterised by an excellent resistance to weather
    and ozone. EPDM temperature resistance is comparable to that of
    chloroprene rubbers. The resistance to oil, grease and solvents is comparable
    to that of natural rubber.
b) Microcellular sections of chloroprene (neoprene or perbunan) are available for
     more stringent requirements in respect of resistance to oil and weathering.
c) We also have the possibility of delivery in natural rubber.

All microcellular rubber sections are supplied in black. Other colours, like light or dark grey are sometimes available. Other colours are only available in exceptional cases and against appropriate surcharge.

The dimensions stated for the microcellular rubber sections do not include tolerances.
The sections are produced to DIN 7715 E 3.

Cut lengths, adhered or vulcanised frame or ring

Extract from DIN 7715 E3

Nomnial Size bis 2,5 2,5 – 4 4 – 6,3 6,3 – 10 10 – 16 16 – 25 25 – 40
Class E3 ± 0,5 ± 0,7 ± 0,8 ± 1 ± 1,3 ± 1,6 ± 2